About Nader

Lebanese based graphic designer Nader Tfayli grew up experimenting colors, shapes and design paraphernalia, having been exposed to his father’s career as a cartographer; therefore, the artistic composite in his life became an inevitable trajectory.

Fascinated by typography, patterns, textures and print design, he pursued his studies in the Lebanese University, developing a keen sense of visual composition, later evolving as an illustrator, the backside of the coin being photography. “Art is found in the least expected places, and every experience can be told visually”, believing it firmly, he developed skills in multimedia and web design as well.


Thus said, he was given the opportunity to practice first at Atrissi Design Studio remotely from Beirut, to later grow as a freelancer, whilst participating at exhibitions and workshops, giving one himself as well. Later on, being remarked for the multidisciplinary nature of his work, he worked for Polypod, a Beirut based company,permitting a soar in the design field since he gained exposure to a wide network of professionals and entrepreneurs.


His current aspirations for the future include applying for a masters degree in product design.